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To go hand in hand with my New Years Resolutions I decided that to be consistent with keeping on top of these I needed to be organised.

I went and had a look at planners available in a few stores but none of them really grabbed my attention so I decided to whip up my own* to put on the wall to make sure things are getting done!

Because I am really happy with what I ended up creating I thought I would share these just in case you also needed just a little more help to keep on track and stay organised!

Click here to download your own copies of my Weekly Planner

You will find that when you print these they have little markers in the corners, these are the crop marks that you will use to guide where they need to be cut as most printers don’t print full page images in the center. They will look 10 times better if you use these guides I promise!

*Images sourced from this incredible design blog.

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