Twenty Five

MumDad's Wedding-62

2015 is only just five months in however is apparently going to be one of the most iconic, memorable years of my life.

My parents celebrated 25 years of being together this year in February. They were never married, hence my double barrel last name, however this year they decided to change that.

There was no elaborate proposal, no big wedding to plan… It would be an intimate affair at the registry office with our little family and two of their closest friends stepping in as Bridesmaid and Best Man.

On the first of May my parents got married and it was perfectly them.

In our family a big event like this doesn’t happen without a big party being thrown. We planned this telling the guests it was a surprise party for Dad however it would be all of them who got the surprise on the night!

It was flawless, no one had any idea and everyone was ecstatic to hear the news to say the least.

It was a night full of laughs, tears and dancing and everyone had an absolute blast.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of my parents big day and I could not be prouder of them.

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