Tis The Season


Christmas has to be my favourite time of year. I am one of those people who actually like that Christmas decorations arrive at stores in October, when carols start playing in mid November & how busy the shops are the week before the 25th with people who have left everything till the last minute, which seems to be pretty much everyone, which leads me to believe that i’m, secretly, not alone in enjoying all of the above.


I love how it really feels like Christmas. Here in New Zealand we don’t celebrate a lot of holidays, definitely not the way we celebrate this one. The Christmas Spirit truly is contagious, for most anyway. It’s a time of year when walking around the mall, the supermarket or wherever the holiday may lead you that you find yourself actually looking around. At all of the festivities, the decorations hanging on every wall or my favourite, the people walking towards you who are smiling, some even humming the carol coming through the sound system, instead of looking at their feet or their phones. Everyone is merry & it shows.


The past few Christmas’ have been bigger than most for myself as I have inherited a second family through James. It worked in quite well for both of us though as my family does lunch, his does dinner. Two massive feasts in a very short time. It is fabulous on the day but my god do I food comer for the few days following.

We start at my house waking up to present opening then head to James’ parents for more present opening. We then travel to East Auckland to my Aunty’s house for lunch/desert and then back out West to James’ Auntys for round two of dinner/desert however this time including wine, lots of wine.


It is an incredibly busy day that goes by way too fast but it is always so nice to catch up with family at such a special time of year.

I decided to do a little ‘Follow Me’ video this year too so if you’re interested in watching, take a peek at the video below! I hope you all had a lovely day with lots of laughter with your families and friends.

p.s video is best watched in High Definition :)

—————————————————————  You can change the video to HD here  ——————- ^

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