manga1manga2Mangawhai is, so far, my favourite hidden paradise I have come accross in New Zealand. My family and I have been heading to this sweet little place for the last 8 or so years and we can’t get enough. We haven’t been up there for our Christmas/New Years holiday like we used to for around 2 years but we always make sure we head up at least once a year, even if its just for a day.

The reason for this trip in particular was for my brothers 18th birthday.

I, unfortunately, only spent two days out of the four they were there as i’d started back at work by then but it was still such a good getaway that I definetly needed to clear my head and take some time for myself to help me ecape from recent events.


On Friday I travelled from Auckland to Mangawhai which took me around an hour and fourty minutes. My god do we live in a beautiful country. I am usually a passenger when travelling, I usually prefer this as I can stare mindlessly out the window at the beautiful landscapes New Zealand has on offer however I found driving made me see it from a different perspective. I really enjoyed this little roadie as I was accompanied by noone other than my favourite John in the whole world, Mayer, and my mind. I am trying to get back up to scratch on his lyrics as I am attending his concert in April, SO EXCITED, I surprised myself and still knew most of the words.

I arrived at around 2pm which was perfect as the gang were just arriving back from getting an icecream and were heading down to the beach. If there was one thing I could have changed about that afternoon it would be the wind. It was perfect apart from the gusts whipping us with a storm of sand every three minutes. I was crunching sand between my teeth, scooping it from under my fingernails and to my horror scraping it from beween crevaces in my camera lense for hours after we left. We finished up with a sunset bbq and a few drinks.


Day number two was my favourite, I woke to the sound of waves and birds outside the window.. The way one should be woken every morning I feel. I showered and got ready for the day then headed out with my camera in hand down to the beach, which is a 2 minute walk away from the apartments we stay at. I wandered down for a bit of a splash in the sea before I headed up to the hill which after a short 5 minute climb you can see the entirety of beautiful Mangawhai.

At around 12pm we were all set up on the beach and ready to start the party. Shortly after 12 my cousin, her husband, her husbands sister and my Aunty arrived. It was soo cool for them to be able to come spend the day with us.

We bathed in the sun, we ate, we drank, we snorkeled, we jet skid and we ultimately had a wicked day spent with wicked people.


After a peice of cake I headed home as I had to work on Sunday. To finish a great weekend off with a bang I had a bubble bath accompanied with a wine and had one of the best nights sleeps i’ve had in a very long time.

It’s amazing what a little time to yourself can do. Life is good.

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