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One of our puppies is up for sale again if you are interested, it’s a black and brown female bigger one of the two.

Roger & Juliet

Mila is a pure Caviler King Charles Spaniel and we brought her home yesterday. Since moving into our home we knew we wanted some kind of furbaby to call our own. We started off researching breeds of dogs to see which kind would suit our lifestyle, we wanted one who would be big enough to rough and tumble and chase a ball in the park but be small enough to sit on our laps at night time. We wanted her to be kind and affectionate along with being good with other animals and children. A King Charles Spaniel met all of those requirements so that was it, we started looking.


I found a few on trademe and came across the litter that Mila was born into. She was one of seven but I saw that she was already on hold. I emailed the owner asking if there was any chance she has be come available but nope, she was all ready to go home with someone else. We were disappointed and because there were no other pups that were purebred we decided it musn’t be our time to have a furbaby after all. Until…

I received an email on the Monday telling us that the person who was supposed to be adopting her was no longer able to do so, we jumped at the opportunity to become her mama and papa and by Saturday that is exactly what we were going to be!

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We went shopping (which apart from picking her up was my favourite part of this process ..duhh) and puppy proofed our home all ready to pick her up on the Saturday morning. We got up at the crack of dawn as Waihi is around 2.5 hours away and we wanted to have her home in time to get her settled before we put her to bed. It was likely the worst day to be long distance driving as we glided over the water on the roads and squinted most of the way there to try see through the thick layer on the windscreen. 


We arrived at around 8am and were welcomed by the incredibly lovely breeders. We were also greeted by five hyperactive puppies and their beautiful mum. We picked her out straight away as she was quite a bit bigger than the other black and tan pup and just like a movie she ran up to me, licking me with her tiny puppy tongue. She had and will have me wrapped around her finger from that moment.
The trip home was great, she was a little unsure to begin with but as soon as I wrapped her up in a blanket she snuggled into the arm of my jacket and slept most of the way.

We are so, so, so in love and although last night was a hard night being the first night of crate training we know that she will be worth every unslept minute.




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