I said YES!


Last Monday night James took me to a secluded little beach he found on one Sunday while driving to nowhere. We grabbed some fish and chips and headed out for what I thought would be just another ordinary date night. Boy was I wrong….

We sat and ate. We walked and talked. We then sat on a beautifully placed piece of driftwood nestled into a nook dug out from the surrounding hills. It was already perfect…

The next five minutes were a complete surprise and exceeded every expectation.

James stood and kissed me gently. The conversation started, as I imagine most of these kinds of conversations do, with a soft “You I know I love you?”

He then continued to recite a speech that brought me to tears. James then dropped to one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. I couldn’t say YES quick enough.

The ring was everything I dreamed of and more, the proposal will be one of the best memories I will ever get to keep and the life we spend together, I know, will be extraordinary.




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