I am a Photographer


I’m a photographer. Someone who makes a moment last forever. Someone who makes people smile, cry & laugh all at the same time. A photographer can give people a physical memory, wether it be a file on a disk, an album, a print or an image framed that you display in your home – it is a memory you can hold in your own hands and treasure forever. A photograph can never be forgotten. A photograph makes you remember and triggers the part of your brain which brings that exact moment rushing back, you remember the smells, the weather, your emotions and how small your now five year old child was in those precious few weeks of their life.

I am a newborn photographer. I photograph your child at the most precious time of their lives, the time that goes by much too fast, where they change every day. This is a time that must be captured by a professional, no matter the cost. You can not put a price on memories. If you can spend $3000 on a flat screen tv that will last at most 10 years you can spend half that on a photography session you can treasure, display, look back on and pass on to the next generation for the rest of your lives.


Today I was blessed and honoured to photograph a great friend of mines first child. A beautiful baby girl named Caitlin. She was the easiest newborn i’ve photographed yet. She was number 10. I have photographed 10 beautiful, different, but equally amazing newborns in my career so far. Lucky number 10. I don’t know whether it was because I went in with confidence because I knew the parents or whether she was just an incredibly chilled tiny human being but this session really made me realise that this is exactly what I want to do with my life. I want to be a part of the most precious time of a couple in love’s life. The birth of their newborn child. Whether it be their first, their second or their fifth – I don’t think it’s any less a miracle.


Yes. The first few weeks are the hardest, you’re trying to come to terms with this new, foreign something that has taken over your life. This something that occupies your every second, ounce of energy, your whole heart and then some. Yes. You are being careful with money because there will be so many unexpected expenses that occur in the next few months. Reguardless, I urge you to take one day, a maximum of 6 hours (including travel) out of these 14 days to spend with a photographer you admire but most importantly trust and let them handle your brand new baby and let them take some beautiful images of your family and your child.

This precious time will go by so fast and never happen again.


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