Hospice Race 4 Life

DSC00056I was working from home and on my lunch break dad popped in, massive smirk spread accross his face and let me know that his Hospice Nurse had just called.

She asked him if he was a petrol head and without hesitation of course he answered yes.

She then proceeded to invite him to this years Race 4 Life event that would be held at Hampton Downs on the 22nd March. An event that has been put on each year since 2008 which offers patients with life limiting illness’ the opportunity to have an incredible day of, for some, once in a lifetime experiences.

DSC00032We traveled to Hampton Downs thinking that it would be a lap around the track in a fast car. It was, but it was also so much more.

Everyone who attended, even the family members who went down got to have a go at all that was on offer, apart from the helicopter rides which were exclusively for the guests of honor.

DSC00051Be it racing around the track in a seriously fast car driven by an experienced driver, jumping on the back of a Harley Davidson, taking a ride in a massive truck, flying high in a chopper or taking a cruise in a luxury super car there was something on offer for everyone.

DSC0004012888750_787181768079844_268442429558352874_oIt was such an incredible day put on for some really special people! It is amazing what these kinds of organisations do for complete strangers!

I would like to thank the organisers and sponsors of Race for Life and also West Auckland Hospice who have been pretty damn incredible! Although we’re not yet at the point where they are truly needed, they still keep Dad in their minds!

It was a day I will never forget!


“The aim of Race for Life Trust is to enable people, living with life limiting illness, to realize dreams that they, and their families can cherish. Our mission is to seek to provide people, with the means to fulfill their wishes and therefore everything we do, will be driving towards the wherewithal, to make it happen.”


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