I have wanted to start a blog now for years. I am an avid blog follower myself and always thought it would be a really cool way to record my life to look back on and share with family and friends along the way.

There are a few reasons I have finally taken the plunge.

One – My best friend and boyfriend has joined & almost graduated the New Zealand Army as a soldier, a rifleman to be precise. This is going to change life as we know it in every way possible. He has been posted in Christchurch, New Zealand which is approximately 10,000kms away from where we are living now. I will be following him down and starting this new, exciting, massive chapter sometime in the next few months. I am planning on this being a big part of this blog, i’lI will be writing about our new adventures, struggles and everything else that will come with it!

TwoI am a photographer. I take way too many pictures. Pictures of anything and everything. These pictures sit in folders on my computer and get looked at once in a blue moon when I feel like reminiscing, if at all. When I was younger I kept scrapbooks. Incredible scrapbooks full of chopped up paper, magazine clippings, photos printed on paper, ribbons, letters from friends…. I used to come home every night after school and add little bits to the pages of my A4 visual diary and I am so glad I did because I now have three overflowing, chunky books of madness with memories from some of the best years of my life, they really are that cool. As life got busy I stopped doing this & that makes me sad.

Three – Because I want to! As I said before I follow a lot of blogs and I find them interesting & inspiring. I’m not a great writer so I apologise in advance for the shocking grammar, spelling and incredibly long sentences – I write like I talk, a lot. I’m not overly interesting but I have a great life that I believe is worth recording. I am probally the most sentimental person you’ll meet and I love the thought of being able to look back on this exact post in 5 years and remember where I came from and how far i’ve come. Mainly I just want to make sure I remember the small things. Thats what it’s all about. Yeah, some people may think i’m weird and some people may not give a toss about anything that i’ll put on here but thats okay because i’m not doing this for anyone, i’m doing it for me.

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