Happy New Year


31 December, 2013

This year we had no plans what-so-ever. It was the first year we would spend New Years Eve away from our usual suspects. Because James had no idea where he was going to be or what he would be doing we didn’t get to plan a massive night but if i’m frank, i’m glad. We had the nicest night with some fabulous people. At around 2pm we headed up to Will’s parents place in Sandspit where we would stay for the next four nights. They have just built a spanking new house and my god is it gorgeous and the views… *sigh*

After a few drinks we then headed to Snells Beach where Jade’s sister and her boyfriend were staying for our ‘New Years Party’ – another incredible house with superb views. As we waited for the countdown we wandered along the beach, had a few drinks, a sweet bbq and a lot of laughs. 12:00 came and went pretty quickly and we were all in bed by 1am. As lame as that might sound to some of you, it was actually pretty spectacular – Oh.. best part, I got to steal a kiss from the spunkiest dude on the planet which pretty much made my night ;)


January 1, 2014

It rained. We slept. That is all.


January 2, 2014 (AM)

The sun was out and we were ready to hit the beach. We headed to Martins Bay pretty early in the morning and were later met by my Mum and Dad who very kindly brought the Jetskii up to make our day at the beach just that little bit cooler. Apart from the fact that most of us left looking like ripe tomato’s (note to self: slip, slop, slap) it was such a fun day and totally made up for us spending most of the first in front of the tv watching a sixteen year old Leonardo Di Caprio show off his great abilities as a cowboy.


January 2, 2014 (PM)

The whole reason we headed up these ways was because James, Will, Jade and Myself all bought tickets to Shapeshifter + Fat Freddy’s Drop at Matakana Estate. We, slowly, made our way to the concert at around 5pm, had some sweet wood fired pizza in the sun as we listened to the opening acts and before we knew it Fat Freddy’s started. We made our way into the massive tent and found a prime spot behind the sound stage where we would stay for the rest of the night. As the night went on we found ourselves incredibly stoned from second hand smoke wafting into the air, covered in sweat – not our own.. in fact it was a mixture of every person in the tent which had slowly built up on the roof of the tent which ultimately started dripping like rain, being pushed up against the barrier of the sound stage, waiting 40 minutes in line for a drink (needless to day we didn’t do that again) and ultimately not impressed. I didn’t know whether it was because we’re getting old and over those kinds of things or whether the organisers really just f***** up. Yeah the music was good and the atmosphere was pretty cool but I can definitely say that I am now retiring from ‘gigs’ of that sort.


A quick yet fantastic little get away was had by all who came and it has got to be one of my favourite NYE holidays yet. Along with photos I did a little ‘follow me’ of a few video clips I got too, take a peek :)

It’s best to watch this in HD, you’ll find out how to do this underneath the clip!

—————————————————————  You can change the video to HD here  ——————- ^

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