Sometimes I wish I were a dog.
I wish I got to laze around the house all day in peace.
I wish I got mind blowingly excited when I heard the word ‘walkies’
That when I stuck my head out a window driving down a west coast beach I enjoyed as much the cool breeze and salt air whipping through my hair.

Sometimes I wish I were a dog, but most importantly a dog owned by me.


This squishy little fury ball of fluff is our Mila and today she turns one.
We adopted her when she was 6 weeks old but today is her real birthday.

She is basically our child and when your child turns one it’s a pretty big deal, like a celebration for the fact that you were actually able to keep this living being that you were solely responsible alive for A WHOLE YEAR. Damn right it’s a big achievement!

Of course we had to celebrate.


Mila got a specially purchased meal from the grocery store, impeccably presented on an extra special plate tonight.
What did she have you ask? A good portion of overly expensive gourmet dog roll topped with a chicken curly chew with a side of beef bobbits.
May not sound a lot to us humans but this is the business in the dog world i’ve been told!

Needless to say it was gone in a few minutes followed by the cutest little doggy burp in the world.


This thing we decided to buy one rainy morning has been one of the best, most life changing things we’ve ever done.

She has taught us patience and a whole new gooey, high pitched language only used to speak to her. She is the best cuddle giver, especially when you’re sad. She greets you everyday at the door like you’ve been away for a month with nothing less than all of her energy.

She, very quickly, made us realise dogs are nowhere near as easy to have as animals as cats but for good reason, what you get back from them is something really special.

“A dog is the only thing on earth that loves you more than he loves himself.”

I believe that is called unconditional love, something incredibly rare.

Moo, I might tell you off for jumping up and eating my shoes. I might really dislike you when you decide it’s a good time to poop when we’re out on a walk. You may have cost us a not so small fortune that could have gone towards to Mummy & Daddy’s wedding. But, nothing in this world would make me want to ever not have you around.

Happy birthday my sweet little sausage!

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