2014 was fairly quiet on the Stellar front as I had a bit of a break through moving into our home, working for a big studio in town and renovating my home studio. My premonition for 2015 is that it is going to be MASSIVE!
Even though it was quiet, I still photographed five pregnant bellies, four brand new babies and TWENTY ONE fabulous families!

So far for 2015 I have booked one big family portrait, two bellies, three beautiful babies, a portrait session with a beautiful lady and one family reunion! I am SO excited to be starting the year with a very busy BANG!!

I am not really one for resolutions however this year considering I really want to hit the ground running with my wee business along with working a full time job, running a household and giving my James and Mila the attention they deserve I decided to make a few as there are a few things I know I need to work on to make this happen!

New Years Resolutions:

– Don’t stress the small things: This is not my fault, I inherited this… characteristic shall we say… from my darling mother. I am a fairly busy person, I have got used to this over the years however I still tend to go into freak mode when it starts to get too much. I start to freak out about the basket of washing that had been sitting there for three days, or that when I get home the bed wasn’t made that morning… don’t even get me started on the pile of junk mail that lays on the floor in pieces because Mila got bored.. Tiny wee issues that really don’t matter all too much because they’re solved in two minutes. Which brings me to my next resolution…..

– Take ten minutes each day to tackle said small things: I feel this is fairly self explanatory. Basically I will make time to take ten minutes in the evening doing those things that just need to be done. That way three days later there aren’t seventeen tedious tasks that could have been done in three minutes but will now take 45 minutes to complete.

– Exercise at least twice a week: Realistic resolutions, I obviously hope to increase this some weeks however my goal is to not go under this amount. Sweating makes everyone feel good, lets face it.. sometimes it’s the last thing you want to do but when have you ever done something active and then though, dammit.. I wish I didn’t do that – I vow to keep this in mind even when the couch, a cookie and trashy tv calls my name an hour before a run

– Be consistent: I really do believe if I can master all of the above and be consistent with it I will learn how to balance the madness in my life. This has been something I have been trying to achieve for the last three years however i’ve struggled with immensely. I’m really good at doing something … until something puts a hold on it eg. sickness, I am really bad at falling back into my bad habbits and find it really hard to get out!


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