Crazy Beautiful

breathCrazy. Beautiful.

These words are the only two that can sum up the last few months of my life. I feel like I have not had one moment to catch my breath. Things are starting to slow down as the month of July arrives and I am secretly very relieved.

We moved into our little home on the 9th of May and since then we have not stopped. We moved in. We unpacked. We painted. We turned our kitchen into a lounge. We turned our lounge into a kitchen. We organised rooms. We held dinner parties. We held movie nights. We had our housewarming. We shopped. We painted some more. We entertained some more. We organised some more. We put up curtains. We installed a new toilet. We painted the toilet. We did a lot.

Whoever said that purchasing a home is one of the most stressful yet satisfying milestones that will happen in your life is one hundred percent accurate. It took hours upon hours to get together all of the paperwork required to first of all get the loan then to organise/finalise the sales & purchase agreement and to get building reports and valuers to come out to the home. The amount of phone calls I made to our broker, lawyer and real estate agent likely totals more than the amount of phone calls I made all of last year. It so far has been the hardest yet best thing I have ever done & was worth every second, every argument, every smile and every tear that went into making it happen.

As 100% of my time has been taken by all of the above I have neglected my little scrapbook. I am sad that it has fallen to the wayside as there is so much that has happened that I wish I recorded so I could share it on here! All is not lost however. I did manage to record parts of moving day and the whole painting process so I will be putting that up in the next month.

This month I have vowed to myself, and now you, to post something interesting at least once a week. I hope to make up for the last few months of silence and come back with a bang along with remembering to breath.


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